How we can help


Our advocates support children and young people using a range of methods, both in person and online. Our goal is to empower you to use your strengths to move forward.

Our support 

Our support will be tailored to each individual and situation. In most cases, this will include:

  • in person sessions (up to seven) - this will be tailored to your needs - depending on your requirements, this may only need to be one or two sessions
  • a range of communication methods - this can include phone, text, email, Skype and face to face
  • flexible meeting locations - we are happy to meet in school or college, at home, or in your local community

Anyone can make a referral to us. You can also make one yourself. The incident does not have to have been reported to the police.

We require consent from parents for a referral, or self consent if you are over 16 and considered able to consent.


Our methods

We use play, games, storytelling, arts and crafts, and conversation to allow you to feel comfortable and explore your needs.

Our work with you can include:

  • listening -  we will listen to the situation to understand way you see it, whilst remaining independent
  • helping - we will work with you to find your own solution
  • exploring - we will help you explore your feelings around the incident, why you have them, and what you can do with them
  • guiding - we will give clear information, advice, and guidance for your journey
  • creating - we will use a range of tools to build confidence and create opportunities for you
  • supporting - we will be there to attend court and give evidence, e.g. setting up a court visit with the Witness Service
  • collaborating - we will work in partnership with police and other agencies to support an effective outcome


Working with very young children

With very young children we use specialist play approaches. These sessions will be led by one of our three advocates who are trained in this area. 

Where necessary, we will make referrals for further support from a specialist agency.