Online safety

From online gaming to social media apps, if your child enjoys the internet it’s important you know how to protect them. You need to support them to make safe choices about what they are viewing, and what information they share about themselves online.

Signs that a child or young person may be being groomed or exploited online include:

  • talking about older or new friends they have met online
  • talking about gifts or money they’ve received online
  • becoming withdrawn or secretive
  • receiving large numbers of calls or messages
  • anxiety about being away from their phone

There is lots of information on-line that you can read and go through with your children to help keep them safe. 

For additional signs of exploitation, see our exploitation information page.

Internet Matters

Internet Matters supports parents to keep their children safe online They provide age-specific advice, videos and resources to help you understand the online world and take control. 

Resources are also provided for schools covering early years, primary and secondary, with support from the UKCIS framework. Packs to engage parents are also available. 

Avon and Somerset Police Cyber Protect

Avon and Somerset Constabulary have produced a number of videos for parents to discuss online safety. See their YouTube channel for more information.